06.16.00 – Carson Daly Day

Valiant effort people. Feel dumb getting this email from an intern at MTV:

>I don’t know if it makes a difference because I don’t know exactly how the voting works (in my opinion it’s all set up anyway and we don’t really have a say, we are just forced to watch what they want us to watch), but TRL was live Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and was pre-taped on Tuesday and Wednesday for the Thursday and Friday shows respectively. If people called and requested FaFa on Wednesday, the Thursday show would already have been taped the day before, so it wouldn’t matter, and it wouldn’t happen to appear on Friday either because that show would have been taped before the voting lines would have opened up on Wedneday. Also, the video won’t air next week because those shows will be live from LA, I think anyway, at least that’s where Carson flew out to after TRL today. Sorry you guys, you should definitely schedule another “Bug Carson Daly Day.” You had fans outside the building today holding signs for you. If you are there tomorrow come and visit me on the 25th floor and you can slip mail under Carson’s door:)

We’ve been had. How long will we allow ourselves to be taxed without getting a representative in Parliament? At least we made a couple of vote tabulators think to themselves “Who’s Guster?” — worth taking a day off of work and hitting redial hundreds of times, non? Thanks for playing along.



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