06.27.00 – Cincinnati, OH

our two night stand at riverbend in cincinnati is complete. as is our stint as the opener for dave matthews. wish that it were otherwise but we did have a blast, we did experience The Greatest Tour Catering Of All Time, and we did take some notes while watching dmb perform.

for instance, we were proud to keep our set “varied” between the first night and the second night — tonight we replaced “demons” and “two points” with “center of attention” and “x-ray eyes” in our 10-song set, we had dan myers join us on four tunes instead of the usual two, and i shaved my beard off between the shows (!) (no one noticed) (!) — but dave trumped us, bringing in three back-up singers, a keyboardist, and playing an entirely different set each night. also, they have carter beauford in their band.

here’s a bunch of photos from the last night in cincinnati… thanks to everyone in the dave camp for treating us so well.

Dave introducing us to a sparse crowd

Our grand finale to a less sparse crowd

Pork loin!

The head chefs

Yummy dessert

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