07.03.00 – Rep Show 2000 Wrap-Up

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

Hi, faithful road diary readers. Elizabeth here, the nerd behind the mass of pixels you are currently perusing (otherwise known as guster dot com). Bri asked me to guest on the road diary while the rest of the band enjoys a well-deserved break.

“Rep Rok 2000” went off without a hitch. Thanks to our hostess Vivien “Newcastle” Valenzuela, we were treated to a shady grass-covered backyard opening up to a massive expanse of soccer fields. Such fields would later be conducive to much post-show ass-whooping in Ultimate Frisbee… but I digress. First, there was the “rok” portion of the evening…

Using the old P.A. system from their busking days in Harvard Square, the guys pulled off an intimate acoustic set filled with plenty of “old-skool” favorites. And by acoustic, I mean “stripped.” Bri had nothing but a conga, a tambourine, and some random drum that Viv found in her attic. Timbale? Timpani? Tortellini? I don’t know.

As the set was mostly requests, we were treated to some rarely-played gems, some old covers, and some band-denoted “crowd pleasers.” It was nice to hear songs such as “La Ti Da” and “Pantomime”–even if the audience was required to help out with the words. And as the band closed with the (in)famous Lionel Ritchie Medley, the “rok” portion of the party was complete.

Post-show, we were allowed to frolic in the green Andoverian fields. Volleyball, soccer, and Ultimate were played while others scarfed down food (of which there was MORE than plenty) or lounged around on the grass. The Celebrity Ultimate Frisbee game was an intense forty-minute escapade that left its players (including such big names as “Ryan Miller” and “Michael ‘Pasty’ Corcoran”) sweaty and eaten alive by bugs. Nothing like running around maniacally after a flying disc in tropical humidity. Mmm mmm.

The following are some pictures I took with Bri’s digital camera to document the event. Thanks to the Gusterns and everyone else without whom the shindig would not have been successful.

Elizabeth “Ghost Writer” Weinberg


Sixty pizzas were purchased...and forty were eaten

A happy crowd revels in the intimate setting

Ryan tries to remember the words to a long forgotten song

Viv's dog Penny enjoys the show from the best seat in the house (literally)

Good Times

Acoustic Mona Lisa

Nick from the Backstreet Boys - - I mean Pasty - -with his likeness circa Rep Show '97

We did it!


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One response to “07.03.00 – Rep Show 2000 Wrap-Up

  1. Kristin "Mind Eraser"

    This was so much fun! Great memories!! 🙂

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