07.07.00 – Milwaukee WI

Angry emails have been coming in from people in Wisconsin who feel slighted that our Summerfest show was neglected in this here diary. Also, lots of emails nowadays from people who claim to be seeing Ryan in a new Taco Bell commercial. I’ll address the Milwaukee gig right now and leave the latter issue to our singer.

Milwaukee crowd was very good to us and deserved a prompt and flattering journal entry, but we took a red-eye flight to Boston after the show so we could play a private gig for Guster Reps on no sleep Sunday afternoon. Liz, who runs our website, took the journal reigns while we hibernated for a few days. So Summerfest is a ten day event in Wisconsin with zillions of bands and fried dough stands. If you weren’t in front of the Guster/Ben Harper stage, you could have been enjoying Ringo Starr’s band or Christina Aguilera, or Sebastian Bach formerly of Skid Row, or four guys in skirts playing “Gimme Three Steps” on accordions (I promise I witnessed this in the afternoon). Never expected such a friendly response for our first time in Milwaukee. Nearly came to fisticuffs with a security guard who wouldn’t let me backstage to see Ben Harper after our set — he got my adrenal glands to secrete epinephrine by saying “Yeah whatever” when I insisted I was not a mere civilian but a legendary conguero, but I chilled when he reminded me that I would “end up flat on my back” if I kept trying to push the issue. He was right. I was a bit sassy. Special thanks to Adam Gardner and drum-tech Sean Lynde for running in and restraining me. I would have gotten my ass kicked.

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