07.14.00 – Grand Rapids MI

Last night was the hottest show I can ever remember. The club didn’t have any air conditioning or ventilation and crammed 400 people into a narrow space. At one point Ryan noticed how wet everyone was and insisted that everyone in the crowd hug the disgusting sweaty person next to them. I hugged Dan Myers (sax)… later on in the show we gave away the red rubber urine-guard thing that had been in the toilet of our bus for a couple of days. It had been a failed experiment, since it sent pee splashing up against your leg whenever you tinkled, and we thought someone might be able to use it, even if we couldn’t. Not to worry, we put it in a ziplock baggy and sealed it tight before we chucked it into the crowd. We used a paper towel to put it into the baggy too. No one touched urine in the transfer of the item from us to our fans.

Anyway, The Intersection reminded me of old Michigan shows at The Blind Pig with tons of energy. We played 1 hour and 45 minutes, which was about as long as we could play without passing out. It was good to finally headline again.

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