07.19.00 – Dallas TX

hello you. ryan miller here reporting for duty from home base, dallas, texas, 74243.
last night, the band formerly known as gus played their first ever show in the western half of the dallas/fort worth metroplex. the day began with the nastiest greasiest scrumditilyumptious cheeseburger this texan has consumed in months. and although pasty was disappointed by an errant piece of chicken fried steak (watery gravy?!? this is texas for crying out loud!! texas=good gravy!!) the culinary treasures that this state has to offer set us off on course with a clear conscience and gastronomical contentedness.

after toying with the idea of purchasing a 5″ diameter “bud light, native texan” gold and diamond studded belt buckle, adam and dan meyers and i set off into the legendary ft. worth stockyards on a quest for the elusive, and often mystical, “stock”. minutes later, we came upon a dozen of these wonderful creatures. seemingly uninterested in our foodstuffs (who knew longhorns were indifferent to twinkies and devil cakes?), we quickly became bored with their incessant doing of nothing. after the snap of family photo (here cattle cattle! look here cattle cattle!) it was off to the rock concert.

for a tuesday night in a brand new city, the turnout was fantastic. our relationship with this state has come a long way since our first shows attended only by my aunt jessie and my seventh grade geometry teacher. everyone in the haus was kind and enthusiastic, as was proven by the audience-wide renditions of “the yellow rose of texas” and “the eyes of texas”. (is there a state song for massachusetts?) we finished the set with a dan meyers-enhanced version of ‘parachute’ and happily went out into the crowd to greet all of our texan friends. who knew we had friends in texas??

we have a day off before tomorrow’s indiana show, and so today will be spent filling myself with snuffer’s cheese fries and uncle julio’s chicken-lime fajitas. i will dip a fry in ranch dressing for you all.

your best friend,
ryan miller

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