08.27.00 – West Palm Beach FL

We flew from Chicago to West Palm Beach yesterday to play an outdoor radio festival. Everyone told us that Hurricane Debby was waaaaay out at sea. “Nothing to worry about,” said the people of Florida. Just as we were set to take the stage, there was a crash of thunder and a big typhoon swept in, forcing people to flee the venue:

We tried to wait out the storm but the lightning and rain wouldn’t go away. Neither would these sopping wet fans of the rock and roll music:

Perfectly dry underneath the stage ceiling, members of Guster and their crew point and laugh at the wet people:

But these wet people wouldn’t leave. And soon they began chanting. Chanting in the rain: “Guster, you bunch of pussies, get out here and play your instruments for us, even if we have to hold this tarp over your heads while you play acoustic!”

And because their chant was so clever and catchy, we did as they said:

We managed to get through Barrel of a Gun and Airport Song before we were all swept out to sea…


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