09.20.00 – University of Michigan

Our contract rider requests some things that are necessities (a case of water, three towels, etc), some things that are luxury items (farley’s strawberry fruit snacks, AA batteries, etc) and one goldfish in a bowl. We almost never get the goldfish in the bowl, but in Ann Arbor tonight we got three goldfish in three bowls. One for each of us. Dead. All three of them.

We usually give away the goldfish and bowl when we get it as these things deserve loving homes (i.e., not our bus) but we weren’t sure what to do with the dead ones the University of Michigan gave us. We gave one away to a girl in the front row who didn’t seem to mind that it was dead. It is worth noting that these goldfish were not floating. They died and sank. I don’t get it.

Now I realize that this journal entry does not have the same insightful wit that the last few did, but my mom called today lamenting the scatological tone of the last one, and i felt obligated to replace it with a nice pg-13 journal entry.

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