10.19.00 – I Wanna Go Back Through Kansas

warning: the following journal entry contains no pictures.

on the way from denver to st louis we had a lot of time to kill so we watched the wizard of oz while listening to pink floyd’s album dark side of the moon. you know, how if you start the album exactly on the third roar of the mgm lion, the whole movie is supposed to psynch itself up with the music thereby creating the most psychedelic audio/visual experience ever.

i dunno. both the movie and the album have frequent mood swings — at any second dorothy’s liable to get whacked by a tornado and floyd could be about to hit you upside the head with a wailing choir. sometimes these moments lock up and it’s incredible. but it’s just what happens because the movie and the album are similar dynamically. they are each masterpieces. i say buy them and enjoy them seperately.

here is another reaction i had to it:

this is the greatest. discovery. in the history of humankind. that lyric just went “the lunatic is on the grass” and RIGHT THEN the scarecrow was freaking out on the path and stuffing himself with hay!? dude, it was sick. there’s no way that shit’s coincidental. wait. what the. that kick drum was totally like a heartbeat when the tin man was pounding himself in the chest! no way, we have fritos on this bus!? yes. tito is the worst dog actor of all time. you can see his eyes following his trainer off camera. no way, we have honeycombs!? yes. is the milk still good? i don’t care what the date is… smell that shit before you drink it. soon, pasty, the midgets are coming soon. you keep asking that.

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