10.29.00 – New Orleans LA

i came down with some nasty bronchitis infection and left the road journal here to fester last week. it was hard enough to play each night without releasing bodily fluids at inopportune moments (i.e., drool during “bury me,” urine during “i spy”), nevermind maintaining this thing. thanks to my bandmates for taking the journal by the reins and filling in while i was down.

in north carolina friday night we learned that our set time was bumped up to noon at the voodoo festival (saturday) in new orleans, which meant there was one band (“black eyed peas”) between us and eminem. it also meant that we had 15 hours until we were supposed to be on stage, and we were 900 miles from new orleans. our bus driver estimated it was a 15 hour drive, but he made it in 14, and we played our first song (“barrel of a gun”) just five minutes late. the crowd was surprisingly large and receptive for noon. we’d expected to play to a lot of indifferent eminem fans. eminem showed up for his set 35 minutes late (he is on “hip-hop time,” which is slightly more prompt than “reggae time”) but still had enough energy to grab his crotch and say “y’all muthafuckers” over and over and over. yes, we get the point, we’re all mother fuckers. gotcha. i tried to get a picture of him but the security guards wouldn’t let me bring my camera on stage. not even when i coughed on them.

instead, please enjoy this advance shot from the forthcoming guster swimsuit calendar, which should make even a sworn homophobe like eminem question a few things. what do you think? july? november?

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