11.13.00 – “Kate”

This is a picture of Kate. She has been living on the Gusbus since September, in charge of our merchandise. This means she’s the last person to leave the venue at the end of the night, after all the t-shirts are counted. When Kate is not hocking our stuff, she’s a student at quaint and diverse Middlebury College in Vermont. Kate is being profiled in the road journal because she works hard, does a great job, and deserves credit, and because I couldn’t handle the idea of leaving that lame Starsky & Hutch joke up on the site to haunt me for three weeks while we’re off the road.

It’s nice to have female energy on the bus sometimes. For instance, there have been a couple of occasions where we’ve hit eject on the DVD player to discover that someone left “Ghostbusters” in there. When this happens, me and Ryan and Adam will look at each other, horrified, stunned, ready to make unthinkable accusations about each other, until we all realize that Kate is on the road with us, and the finger-pointing ceases.

(I should have stuck with the Starsky & Hutch gag. They’re much more laughable than Ghostbusters. Bill Murray still has some cred and the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man was a solid, timeless joke. Ray Parker Jr. is comfortably retired from that theme song. Any movie that survives the jump from analog to digital is above ridicule…)

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