12.04.00 – Indianapolis, IN

During the intermission following our set we always go out to the arena lobby and schmooze with people, offering up the chips, salsa, cookies and other expendables from our dressing room. Accustomed to meeting people who insist they’re worthy of a road journal entry, I brought the digital camera with me this time and I made those who requested to be in it send me emails to post next to their photos.

The first guy asked if I was responsible for the road journal and I noticed that the green face of Andrew Jackson was staring at me from between his fingers. I explained that Guster’s road diary is a merit-based equal-opportunity institution, not open to bribery, but then he said the money was for two of our discs he burned off Napster. So I took it and put it in my pocket.


Hey, my name is Chip Rehm and I am one of the contestants from Indy for the road diary. I was the guy with glasses and wearing a puke green life vest looking jacket. I was also the guy that gave you the twenty bucks because I felt bad that 2 of your cds I own are burned, because they are 2 of the greatest cds I own. I was gonna go buy them in a store, but I knew most of my money would go to the record company, who doesnt deserve it. I hope you use the 20 bucks wisely, like buying a few more frisbees so the next time one flies into a pond none of you will have to go in after it. Or hire a detective to find out who shit in your bus. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. Your music makes this world a little better place to live in.

The second contestants were wearing creative homemade t-shirts, so they made the cut:


hi guys, i was at your show last night and you took a picture of two of my friends and me (they were wearing “hoosier daddy” shirts and i was wearing the piggy tee). Bri (yes, i feel on a nickname basis) said that if we emailed him that the picture can go on the road diary!! can you do that, please? honestly i would pee in pants……..well, actually thats a lie. as much as i love you guys, my bladder control is still very important to me and my pants. anyway, you guys are amazing and would make my entire year if jen, kat and i made it to the road diary. thanks!
with undying guster love,
Mara Scott 🙂

This third guy wanted to do something special for his girlfriend on her 21st birthday besides feed her vodka shots. He thinks he is funnier than me:


This is Matt and Katy. Today is Katy’s 21st birthday. She wanted to go to a Guster rok concert, so I brought her. (I know what you’re wondering, who the hell would want to spend her 21st watching the Guster boys play their silly little acoustic guitars and bongos when she could be out getting toasted? Weird girl.) By the way, what happened to Ryan’s hair? Ummm, did the kid decide that since he’s become a big time rock star he can start using the flowbee again, or what? Another thing, this is my second time meeting this Guster band, and Ryan was wearing the exact same outfit. I know it’s a cool Crest t-shirt man, but even a small time pop rock band like you guys can afford more than one trip to the thrift store every year. (Another thing about Ryan: he bears way too much of an uncanny resemblance to Gene Wilder for me. I’ve been having Oompa Loompa dreams for the past week. Change the picture, I beg you.) Well, that’s all for now. If you guys out there in Road Diary land want to hear more commentary from yours truly, please flood the Guster inbox with requests. Include as your subject: “Matt is funnier than Brian.” E-mail: guster@earthlink.net
Always and forever,

Matt and Katy (the biggest Guster geeks at the University of Dayton)
Thank you Mr. Rosenfrawerthal. I hope you can get us on your Road Diary.
It would mean the world to Katlyn on her 21st birthday.
Matt and Katy

Final editor’s note: If I get ONE email with that bloody subject I’ll yank this road journal from the website so fast it’ll make your heads spin. And I’ll take the god damn guslog down with it.

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