12.07.00 – Detroit MI

last night of the tour. with most of the crowd stuck in traffic, the members of the barenaked ladies joined us on stage during “either way” wearing just socks and underwear. not like boxer shorts. briefs. tighty-whities, except they were black. tighty-blackies. and steve had a can of soda down the front of his pants. adam said he caught a glimpse of steve’s package when he took the can out. had he used the industry standard cucumber-wrapped-in-foil he may have been able to remove the object more smoothly, sparing adam. neither of us could play with our usual vigor for the rest of the show. all five of them were standing in front of my kit, flexing. clearly, the set peaked during either way.

we tried to think of some way to retaliate during our joint encore of “do they know its christmas?” what if we pelt them with mac and cheese from short-range as we take the stage? what if we go out there wearing briefs? where does one find tighty-blackies? what if we tape wine glasses to our dicks and go out there naked? ah, but then where would we hang our in-ear-monitor transmittors so we could hear ourselves? what if we wore belts to hang the transmittors? is anyone else having a hard time getting the wine glass to stay on?

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