12.21.00 – Off the road diary

hello all. ryan miller here.

well, that day has finally arrived and after sixteen months on the proverbial “road”, we have ended phase 19 of our professional musical career (touring to support lost and gone forever) and begun to enter phase 20 (writing songs for our next album, “mump camp”***).

morale is high at the moment as the last few months with the naked ladies were productive, enjoyable and fattening. for those who are interested, i have constructed a convenient list to explain what is both good and bad about being off of the road:

good things about being off of the road:
1) beds are now stationary
2) we don’t have to hear “happy frappy” screamed at us every night
3) cheaper phone bills to mom

bad things about being off of the road:
1) no road- no road diary

yes, ’tis true. if we are no longer touring, a daily (ha!) summary of our exploits is no longer appropriate. but fear not, ye gusturds! we have a solution:

the guslog.

now that we are in one place most of the time and i don’t have to fight pasty for the only phone line in the hotel room, i have once again entered the world of internet things and stuff. the guslog (at least until we get tired of doing it) will now function as a way for us to get attention now that we are not able to stand in front of amplified microphones every night (“i have a microphone and you don’t and you will listen to every goddamn word i have to say!”).

so be a dear and come on in.

i even set up a free email account so you net-savvy can offer suggestions: rellimmnayr@hotmail (it’s ryan m miller backwards! genius!).

see you on the log.


***not actual album title

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