01.01.01 – Boston, MA

Our New Year’s Eve set list looked like this:

What You Wish For, Bury Me, Center of Attention, Demons, All The Way Up To Heaven, I Spy, Airport Song, Mona Lisa, Barrel of a Gun, Either Way, Happier, Fa Fa…

It was our first show in a while and our longest set in months (a whole hour), so afterwards we kicked back in our orange Slipknot jumpsuits* and had a few beverages while watching the Barenaked Ladies ring in the new year. Midnight came, balloons fell, our drinks vanished, and one of us had a bright idea for the next night’s show…

Click here if you are at least 18 years of age.

The B on Ryan’s right butt cheek is in the Boston Bruins’ font, courtesy of former tour manager and sharpie-on-ass-artistic-consultant Ari Weinstein. The L on my butt cheek still hasn’t come off yet.

Finally, I would like to contest Ryan’s assertion that the road journal is ded. Sure, he’s taken the guslog by storm in recent weeks, but there’s no way in hell I’m writing in that bloody thing. I don’t like the font. And I’ve already expressed my belief that no one will be interested in reading what I write if it’s not accompanied by pictures. With nudity. Christ, I’m insecure right now about having the word “font” in successive paragraphs. In a week or two I will have to compose something about Napster or The New Direction of Guster’s Sound, if only to relieve myself of the pain of having back-to-back paragraphs with font jokes in them. Indeed, as long as I’m around to be hypercritical of my own self-indulgent prose, there will be an (Off The) Road Diary.

* www.slipknot1.com

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