03.25.01 – Muhlenberg, Germany

Very strange to return to the bus after three months off. To return to sleeping at 70 miles an hour. Can’t think of too many jobs where people are transported in their sleep. Astronauts. Astronauts are like rock and roll musicians in lots of ways I imagine. So this happened today on the racquetball courts at Muhlenberg College:

It’s Adam’s ankle and it’s sprained. The one on the left. The one that is twice the size of the other one. Adam hobbled on stage on crutches tonight and actually sat in a chair during most of the set, which I believe is unprecedented. It is worth noting that when Adam collapsed behind me on the racquetball court today I knew he’d hurt himself but I made sure to win the point before I went over to check on him. Supposedly someone at the school is emailing me pictures of Adam surrounded by Muhlenberg EMT people.

We debuted two new songs tonight — “Ramona Lisa” and “New Song #2” (yes, working titles)… they were sloppy, like most of our debuts are. I vaguely recall introducing “Melanie” at 7 Willow St in Portchester several years ago and it being quite a trainwreck. I think we left some rust behind in the Muhlenberg Gymnasium tonight. No need to bring that shit to State College.

Adam’s medical report:
Sprained ankle. Ice often. Keep elevated. Do not put pressure on ankle. Should take six weeks to heal, which just happens to be the length of our tour. Fun prescription painkillers to share with the rest of the bus: None.

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