03.28.01 – Reno, NV

We almost drove straight from State College Pennsylvania to San Francisco California without stopping, but we were sucked in by the bright lights, succulent buffets, and skanky prostitutes of Reno Nevada just a few hours short of our ultimate destination. The lights were brilliant, the buffets were all-you-can-eat, and the whores were apparently on the side of the tracks we never crossed. But we did find many places in which to partake in “gambling,” another morally suspect activity that is illegal except in Nevada and that leaves you feeling empty when it’s through. Always double down on an eleven. Always. Here are some photos:

The Flamingo Casino, home of a lot of Pasty’s money and bouncers who won’t let you bring a digital camera inside.

Our new merchandise girl, Jamie Silvers (forefront right), wonders why she’s spending her 23rd birthday hanging out at The National Bowling Stadium in Reno Nevada.


Adam’s ankle seems to be turning a nice dark purple color while the swelling has moved towards the top of the foot. “American Movie” is strategically placed next to his ankle because it is a fine fine documentary which comes highly recommended from the members of Guster.

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