It took us seventeen hours to drive from Los Angeles to Portland Oregon and so today was spent on the bus. Which is no way to experience April Fool’s Day. And no way for Guster Drum Tech & Stage Manager Sean Lynde to celebrate his 28th birthday. So when we stopped at the In-N-Out Burger in Redding California, Ryan got himself a Double-Double (animal styles) and a hat for Sean to wear on his special day:

Sean was faithful and didn’t remove the hat until we got to Portland and decided to go to a sorta nice restaurant. Sean would also like to point out that the starting wage at In-N-Out burger is $8.25 an hour, which is very competetive with Guster road crew wages when you calculate trips to Reno into the equation. We should also point out that while Sean removed his hat in the nice restaurant, all three band members were still wearing the same nasty t-shirts we had been wearing on stage at the House of Blues the night before.
To cap off Sean’s birthday we’re going to huddle in the back lounge, throw in our “Dancer In The Dark” DVD, and weep.

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