04.13.01 – My Fingers Are Filled With Fluid

This is my left hand, which I use to hit drums. I reached “The Advil Point” on the tour this week, which is the point at which I can’t take the stage without ibuprofen kickin through my system for the rest of the way. It took me a while to position my hand in front of the camera so that the fingers looked as chubby and nasty as possible. Here is a haiku:

i have ten fingers
nine are pink one is purple
like adam’s ankle

GOD DAMN IT I WANT SYMPATHY. (god_damn_it_brian_needs_sympathy@hotmail.com)

People in the parking lot of our St Louis show last night were getting on me to write in this thing more frequently. I guess I’m just waiting for something journal-worthy to happen, like Sean wading into that nasty swamp after his errant frisbee throw.

Our digital camera is already pretty antiquated, it’s the size of a toaster oven and it holds floppy discs. I’ve had a bunch of photos stored on the disc in it this whole tour and I figured I’d post them here so I can go ahead and delete them and have room to take new ones. I realize that purchasing another floppy disc for seventy-five cents would also be a solution to this problem.

1. going over the game plan backstage at madison square garden (february 2001)
2. man welding the stage at brick’s in salt lake city before our gig
3. windshield (before)
4. windshield (after)
5. golden boy in reno nevada
6. jamie landry (monitor engineer/guitar tech) at the largest bowling alley in the world
7. rob calabrese (sound engineer) in the gypsy tea room mix position surrounded by alcohol
8. the last surviving ant in my ant farm
9. motel at night (reno)
10. star trek the next generation mouse for PC’s– i tried unsuccessfully to sell this on ebay. rare! a trekkies dream!

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