05.04.01 – University of Maryland

I woke up this morning and I was in Maryland, so I walked off the bus to look for somewhere to poop and realized I was in a football stadium and that my band is supposed to play in the football stadium tonight. Which made me have to shit even more.

So I shat in the Terrapins’ locker room and then went back on the bus and watched a documentary about (AMERICAN PATRIOT!) Oliver North, which made me feel even worse.

And so we soundchecked and then I went back on the bus where Ryan was watching a documentary on Noam Chomsky, whose intellectual musings on media, society, and capitalism meshed perfectly with the sound of the UMD men’s lacrosse team butting heads in the parking lot outside the bus, restoring my faith in the independent mind while creating just the right mix of academia and testosterone to get me in the mood to headline a stadium. I’ll try to take a picture of the 3% full stadium tonight while we’re on stage.

Love Brian.

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