05.06.01 – Upper Darby, PA

The last night of the tour. Before the gig we managed to put our differences with the Peace Soldiers behind us by sitting down and talking about feelings. All it required was a little give and take. I would slide my percussion kit back a few more feet for their drummer, he would share his squirrel jerky with me later that night on the bus. This could be the beginning of a solid band friendship based on communication and understanding. Here’s a photo of the Peace Soldiers joining us on stage for an encore of Sharp Dressed Man, to which the crowd responded with a smattering of applause not unlike the one Mark Calcavecchia is accustomed to getting when he makes par with a five foot putt …

Perhaps the smattering was just the crowd manifesting its confusion. The Peace Soldiers are also a trio and apparently their vocal inflections resemble those of the Gusters at times. There must have been some people in the audience who figured that the Peace Soldiers were actually the three of us, and their confusion at the joint encore probably resulted in a subdued reaction to the ZZ Top tune. Oh yes, those of you with big strong computers may want to download the Guster Too Hot For TV video from 1998 — it includes footage of our first encounter with the Peace Soldiers in a parking lot in Nashville… Finally, thanks to everyone in Philadelphia for being one of the most spirited crowds of the tour. Thanks to everyone who who came out to see us in places other than Philadelphia too. Thanks to our awesome crew for working so hard. Special thanks to the Peace Soldiers…..

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