04.12.02 – Lancaster, PA

Maybe we should have spelled “Ruster” on the drum cage instead… last night was a bit of an odyssey. It had been a long time since we’d played our instruments on stage, and even longer since we’d had that funny feeling where no one really knows what comes next in a song. I will say this: The crowd last night in Lancaster PA was fabulously forgiving, even as we spent ten minutes trying to remember the chords to “Two Points For Honesty” before giving up.

I broke my snare drum on the first song (Happier). Ryan turned the last song (Bury Me) into a Budweiser commercial. We debuted Say That To My Face, Joe Song (still untitled), and the latest version of Ramona. On Joe Song, Adam sticks a napkin in the strings of his guitar to make it sound like a banjo, and I play bass-pedal-font keyboards.

Anyway, last night was rough but it was fun to play music again. Thank God the Yuengling’s at Hildy’s Tavern were only a buck and a half after the show.


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