04.15.02 – Charlottesville, VA

There’s a place in Charlottesville called The White Spot that’s apparently been serving “Gus Burgers” for over fifty years. That’s the burger pictured above. It’s got a fried egg on top of it. Anyway at the springfunday thing we played they had a Gus Burger Eating Contest early in the afternoon. Some guy ate like 7 of them in 5 minutes. Some girl snarfed all over a judge. We held our own Gus Burger eat-off between band members on stage during our set. The contest was to see who could eat one (1) Gus Burger the fastest, but Adam was the only one that finished the whole thing. Ryan took a bite and then threw the rest into the audience (ketchup stains and all)… I ate about half of it and then kept nibbling on it between songs for the rest of the set. I must say, the egg was subtle but delicious. Fa Fa was hard to play with a Gus Burger heading north inside me whenever I’d move around too much. At one point I vomited a small chunk into my mouth but swallowed it back down before it could come out. I am wondering if I should delete that last sentence.

But it wasn’t just the Gus Burger making me sick. It was the fact that I looked out the window of the bus in the morning and saw this:

No, it’s not the latest version of the Guster Is For Lovers t-shirt. It’s hot new country sensation Pat Green, the guy that played before us at UVA. I’d never heard of him, but apparently he’s big-as-can-be in Texas. And his image sure was big on the side of his truck:
Why, the only thing bigger were the Original Justin Workboots looming next to his head on the other side of the truck. I wish I’d gotten a shot of the other side of the truck. It’s a photo of Pat in a button-down Justin Workboots shirt, super-imposed over a gray dusty country road.

Or maybe I’m just jealous that I have to pay for my own shoes. Or as Ryan said during the show “I wish we had Pat Green’s face on the side of our bus.”

For what was supposed to be a “drunken” crowd at the UVA show, everyone was really polite and attentive. Plans to visit some fraternity after the show and play a late-night set on bass, guitar, and drums were foiled. Would have been nice to practice some of the new songs that might work in that format and that we aren’t going to get to on this current tour. Oh well. Maybe in Indiana when we play with VH-1 celebrities, “Flickerstick.”

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