05.02.02 – Boston

This tour is the first one where we have a truck for our gear. We outgrew the trailer. So, when you get a truck, you get a truck driver. A truck driver named Ronnie.

We immediately recognized Ronnie’s likeness to Kid Rock. We immediately began calling him “Kid Ron.” And then we played BU the other night and had an idea. We sent our friend Moria from the Guster Office off to a costume shop in Chinatown, armed with a photo of Kid Rock she downloaded from “the internet.” Moria came through big. Ron wandered out in the middle of Fa Fa with a pair of maracas. The Armory went nuts. Liz took pictures:

If we play the Kid Ron card again on this tour we’ll need to get a busty blonde to accompany him. Maybe get him to scream “My Name Is Kid!!!!” or something. In any event, having Ron on stage got us pumped up and I hit so hard I did this to my hands:

No, not really. I downloaded that photo from http://www.stigmata.com — a fine website I visit daily.

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