05.13.02 – Asbury Park, NJ

Some of you may have met Allyson on this tour, our newest merch girl (or, “touring retail engineer”). Like those who’ve had the position before her, Allyson brought too much stuff with her on the road. Especially, the enormous metallic suitcase pictured below, which we immediately deemed “R2,” and quarantined in the bay beneath the bus. Allyson packed up R2 yesterday before splitting for the airport for two months away from the bus. We will miss her. She’s coming back this summer for the Guster/Mayer tour though the venues we’re playing will probably have people in short-sleeve collared shirts appointed to sell the merchandise.

“Excuse me, which album is ‘Airport Song’ on?”
“Room For Squares.”
“Thank you.”

Still riding high from his appearance(s) as Kid Ron, Ronnie backed his truck into a tree the other day in Massachusetts, and I got a picture of the branch he took off. Ronnie said the tree was “really old” and that he “barely nicked it.”

I got to tool around Asbury Park a bit on Saturday. It’s a bit of a wasteland now but there’s a strange beauty to it. Empty beaches with people fishing on the rocks, an abandoned miniature golf course covered in rubble (but with two guys still putting through anyway), Sebastian Bach of Skid Row playing a two night stand at the Stone Pony. Wherever you go there are reminders that Asbury Park was once a happenin’ summer destination. I’m sure it will be again. Ryan told the crowd his idea that if everyone at the show pitched in just $2000 we’d be able to buy the town. As if everyone had 2 grand to spare just because they could spend $27 on a Guster ticket.

Moving on to the subject of avocados…

We got guacamole in the dressing room at our Worcester show. I’m rarely overwhelmed by storebought guacamole but the Worcester-Gwok came in a plastic BAG, not in a plastic TUB. It had chunks of avocado in it. It was delicious. I caught Pasty mid-squeeze emptying the contents of the bag into a bowl because it looked like green pooh.

And with that last sentence I have now made upwards of ten scatological journal entries, which puts me second behind only Ween in that category. (Please see 09.14.00)

Though I imagine if the internet were around when GG Allin was in his hey-day (and, if GG Allin were to keep an internet road journal), those statistics would be different.

…. took a shit in my hand and flung it at the crowd again tonight. great guacamole in the dressing room, too. see you at the next show — gg

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