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07.30.02 – Chicago, IL

They put 10,000 people in the parking lot of the A. Finkl & Sons steel mill for our show on Saturday in Chicago. I think it was the first big show they’d ever held there. Adam wanted to take a shower in the afternoon and was escorted to a big warehouse full of dirt-covered men in hardhats and goggles using blow torches… in the corner was a communal shower with a naked man eating a sandwich and scrubbing his ass. The air reaked of carrots and throw up. Adam played the gig without showering.

We were able to lengthen our set to 70 minutes for the Chicago show… set list looked like this:

What You Wish For
X-Ray Eyes
New Song #2
Barrel of a Gun
Mona Lisa
Homecoming King
Red Oyster Cult
Either Way
I Spy
Airport Song
California Dreamin’
Demons (with Joe & Jerry Campbell on mandolin)
Center of Attention
Fa Fa

The Krazy Glue held up throughout the whole set, extra ten minutes and all. Here’s a shot of us on stage next to a shot of John Mayer on stage an hour later:

You see when the sun goes down, the fog machines and jumbotron screens come out. Poor Pasty, no one can see his strobe light in the daylight. Especially when they’re passing out from heat exhaustion. The promoters of the show included us on the customized jean jackets they made for the show:

Someone even went to the trouble of stitching a ROSENWORCEL on the breast pocket. And while I’m totally into wearing clothing with my name on the front of it, I’ve had a fashion reversal of sorts in the past two years since our Fa Fa video came out to miserable fashion reviews. No more denim tops for me. Likewise, Adam has sworn off wearing Mexican blankets over his shoulder.

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07.25.02 – Pittsburgh, PA

We’re in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, not Ohio). Last night in Cleveland I popped a blood blister on my right palm and smeared blood all over my conga and djembe for an entire set. The conga looked like someone had been slaughtering chickens on it by the end. {side note: maybe someone *had* been slaughtering chickens on it… I’ve been playing three songs a night on the new drum kit and I never look over to the percussion during those songs… who knows what kind of sick carnage is going on over there while I’m on the kit!… maybe that’s why everyone looks so horrified when I’m using the sticks?}

So tonight we need to keep the cut from opening up again, and I’m going to take Sean’s advice and try Krazy Glue. I’m going to fill my nickel-sized blood blister with Krazy Glue before I go on stage in Pittsburgh. Sean says Krazy Glue was developed for the United States military to use for medical purposes. Matt says Flea uses it to fill the holes he gets in his fingers from playing bass. Here’s a picture of the logo on the package, because there’s no one here to photograph the actual blister-filling action (which requires two hands), and because I love that image of the construction worker holding on to his helmet while it’s Krazy-Glued to the beam of a building way up in the air. I used to always worry that the helmet would give out and he would plummet to his death.

And if you’re squeamish, you might not want to look at this last picture. It’s a shot of John Mayer filming our stage entrance in Cleveland last night. Allyson took it, but later confessed that she had no idea John was videotaping our set, she just wanted a picture of his ass. {Note: John is not the blond guy in the white shirt on the right side of the photo, he is the guy with the dark hair and the black t-shirt on the left side. His ass is difficult to see because it is camouflaged.}

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July 22: We are on the road. I am quite sure of it. Same bus, same crew, but this time we didn’t bring a truck so Kid Ron isn’t with us. And Jamie our guitar tech slash monitor engineer took a job with Radiohead so he isn’t with us either. Good luck Jamie, I hope you get to meet Thom Yorke on your tour (and I hope I get to meet John Mayer on mine).

But Matt Peskie is filling in, tuning the guitars, tweaking the nobs on the monitor board and bearing an uncanny (isn’t that the word you’re supposed to use to modify resemblance?) resemblance to Adam of the Gusters.

left to right: Matt Peskie, Adam Gardner

Now I should explain that Matt was just casually hanging out in the back lounge with his shirt off eating a banana when I decided to take his picture for the road journal. Adam, on the other hand, had just woken up, and was very confused as to why I was insisting that he remove his shirt and hold a banana while I photograph him. He just looks more like Matt that way. Plus, I have this fear that my road journal ratings are slipping, what with our intermittent touring habits over the last year and a half… and nudity and sexual innuendos may be the only way for me to regain my audience. It worked for my local Fox news station… when their… touring habits… became…. intermittent (new paragraph!)

Anyway, it’s good to have Matt on board and it’s especially good that he looks like Adam. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve deep-sixed an on-stage stunt because we didn’t have a good stunt double. So now when we shoot Adam out of a cannon at the Vegas show and everyone gasps as his bones crunch against the ceiling of the venue — now you the readers of the road journal will have a good laugh, knowing full well it’s only Matt Peskie, the new guy, while the rest of the crowd thinks we sacrificed our guitar player.

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