July 22: We are on the road. I am quite sure of it. Same bus, same crew, but this time we didn’t bring a truck so Kid Ron isn’t with us. And Jamie our guitar tech slash monitor engineer took a job with Radiohead so he isn’t with us either. Good luck Jamie, I hope you get to meet Thom Yorke on your tour (and I hope I get to meet John Mayer on mine).

But Matt Peskie is filling in, tuning the guitars, tweaking the nobs on the monitor board and bearing an uncanny (isn’t that the word you’re supposed to use to modify resemblance?) resemblance to Adam of the Gusters.

left to right: Matt Peskie, Adam Gardner

Now I should explain that Matt was just casually hanging out in the back lounge with his shirt off eating a banana when I decided to take his picture for the road journal. Adam, on the other hand, had just woken up, and was very confused as to why I was insisting that he remove his shirt and hold a banana while I photograph him. He just looks more like Matt that way. Plus, I have this fear that my road journal ratings are slipping, what with our intermittent touring habits over the last year and a half… and nudity and sexual innuendos may be the only way for me to regain my audience. It worked for my local Fox news station… when their… touring habits… became…. intermittent (new paragraph!)

Anyway, it’s good to have Matt on board and it’s especially good that he looks like Adam. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve deep-sixed an on-stage stunt because we didn’t have a good stunt double. So now when we shoot Adam out of a cannon at the Vegas show and everyone gasps as his bones crunch against the ceiling of the venue — now you the readers of the road journal will have a good laugh, knowing full well it’s only Matt Peskie, the new guy, while the rest of the crowd thinks we sacrificed our guitar player.

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