08.08.02 – Denver

Our merchandise girl, Allyson, has been snapping shots with the digital camera while we’ve been playing and so we’re due for a photo gallery-themed journal entry. Let’s begin with a picture of Scotty, John Mayer’s merch-boy and road journal author, who wrote about our bus breaking down in Kansas on their website… (pasting in excerpt from JM road journal)August 4, 2002

It’s all Guster’s fault. Gusters more like Busters. Today was going to be a day off until those guys decided to launch Plan Fa Fa Ha Ha and sabotage it all by pretending that their bus had complications. And since bi (more than one bus) caravan, we all hung out on the Kansas interstates all day long.

Note Scotty’s clever use of the word “Busters,” which rhymes with “Gusters,” which is the plural of our band name. Scotty neglected to mention that The Gusters and their crew spent all day driving through 105 degree Kansas with NO AIR CONDITIONING, playing quarter-antie poker in our boxer shorts. And yes, since the two Mayer busses were nice enough to stop and help us every time we broke down, their day off had to be sacrificed too. Oops. Our bad.

Enjoy photos:

1. Adam photos

rock star pose #1 — close up     rock star pose #2 — far away

2. Brian photos

drums — yes, it’s weird      percussion

3. Ryan photos

close up      jumbotron in denver

4. Sofia Sim (Dalton’s daughter) Photos

with headphones

Dalton had his whole family out for the two night stand in Denver. And even though Sofie fell asleep during Either Way, I think the last two nights were our two best performances thus far on the tour. We’ll see how it goes tonight in Utah where we’re more than a mile high. Park City in the summer:

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