08.12.02 – Seattle, WA

Night 2 in Seattle was a better show than Night 1 in Seattle for the Gusters. Some technical issues with Ryan’s guitar threw us off the first night and the crowd sitting down both nights managed to keep the energy low too. I blame the impossibly-comfortable seats at the Paramount Theater. So hard to resist. So soft against the ass. Thanks to the few, the proud, the outnumbered, who made it known they were there for us… we will keep returning to Seattle because we like the city so much, not the other way around. (In Salt Lake, one might suggest the situation is reversed).

Scotty seems to have retaliated in the John Mayer road journal, inventing a new nickname for me — Blundergod — after I insinuated that his “Guster is more like Buster” comment was not pushing the creative envelope all that much. Blundergod however, is genius for obvious reasons. I knew Scotty had it in him. I also enjoy being called “Thunderbird.” Funny, the name Thundergod is borrowed from Def Leppard, whose one-armed drummer, Rick “Thundergod” Allen, earned the nickname from his reverb-coated and inevitably thunderous fills. Well, we just found out that we have a gig with Def Leppard in Boston on Sept 21st. Mixfest will be our last show before we spend 7 more weeks in the studio. I want a picture with The Thundergod and I don’t care what I have to do to get it. So Rick, if you’re reading this…

Seattle was not a complete bust. A girl named Leigh-Anne who read my journal entry about Luby’s Cafeteria brought me a t-shirt. It fits and everything.

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