They hand out John Mayer Summer 2002 “90/10” t-shirts to all the local crewhands who load the trucks at the end of the night. The 90/10 ratio printed on the shirt refers to:

a) The percentage of John Mayer fans versus Guster fans at a show.
b) Cotton to polyester ratio that went into the shirt fabric.
c) The alleged ratio of females to males at the shows this summer.
d) All of the above

The correct answer is (c), the alleged ratio of females to males at our shows this summer, though a cursory glance at the crowd tonight yielded an 82/18 ratio for me, and I DON’T THINK MY NUMBERS ARE OFF. It’s pretty amazing that this demographic detail ended up on the loading crew t-shirts. Another remarkable characteristic of the audiences this summer is their youth. While watching the Jon Butler Trio from the patio by the stage tonight, we heard cheers coming intermittently from the beer tent below us — every five or ten minutes the staff (in red shirts, to the right) erupted in applause when they sold a beer.

I went out and played a conga with the Jon Butlers tonight during the drum jam that closes their set.

   And I was the jackass who kept playing for an extra five seconds after everyone else in the band pulled off a beautiful coordinated stop to finish the jam. I was that guy. Head down. Beatin my conga. Do you see how they’re all staring at me in that picture on the right side? They’re trying to get my attention. They’re trying to communicate “Brian, we’re all going to stop playing our drums right now, maybe you should stop playing your drum when we stop playing our drums” to me. Nice guys, the Jon Butler Trio.

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