08.21.02 – Mesa, AZ

When Scotty ran on stage before the Arizona show in just a purple speedo and beat my djembe for five minutes while the crowd went wild, it should have represented a climactic end to our ficticious feud. Die-ay-nu! It should have been enough!! But then I received a couple of masterpieces via The Email regarding the situation and I need to share them with you, even if everything escalates as a result.

   The drawing on the left comes from “Holly” while the drawing on the right comes from “Mallory,” but I have some suspicions that both works really stem from one person. Just look at all the aesthetic similarities. Also, check out the similar rhetorical nature of each artist’s text accompaniment, then you tell me if my conspiracy theory still seems far-fetched.

Holly’s email           Mallory’s email

Anyway, given that it was 104 degrees in Arizona and that every time we’ve played Scottsdale we’ve wanted to punch ourselves in the face afterwards, the show in Mesa was a huge success. We played really well, helping to make up for an underwhelming west coast experience, and the crowd was fantastic. If there was an all ages venue in Arizona that held less than 4000 people, we’d come play it.

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