08.26.02 – Dallas, TX

We pulled into the parking lot across the street from our hote in Dallasl this morning and I noticed there was a piece of luggage sitting in the middle of the parking lot. I figured it belonged to someone on one of the other busses. I went into the hotel. Every couple of hours though I’d return to the bus and it’d be sitting there among the cars in the parking lot, unattended.

After dinner, when the busses were the only vehicles left in the parking lot, it was still sitting there. And we all agreed it was time to see what was inside the suitcase. But as soon as I started to drag the luggage out underneath the light, everyone started freaking out and screaming and running because there must have been a thousand of these nasty flying cockroach things all over the suitcase. I ran, waving my arms and kicking my legs high up in the air, until I reached the hotel. I don’t have a picture of me running.

What? They’re just crickets? Sometimes I compose journal entries only because I want the last journal entry to go away.

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