08.31.02 – Houston, TX

Houston and Memphis were full of surprises for two cities we don’t visit all that often.

A guy named Opie found us before the Houston show and delivered this painting of the three of us playing our instruments. Not bad, eh? Apparently he priced it at 7 grand in a gallery but no one bought it (silly Opie, the Gusters can’t even draw a fly to a shit party in Houston Texas) so it became a gift. There was plenty of room on the guest list for Opie and his wife, Buffy, because afterall, it was Houston. Ryan and Adam told me they plan to send their portions of the painting to their mothers… so I guess, mom, you should expect a painting of your topless son with tape on his fingers to arrive soon. Put it on the fridge.

Memphis was the last show that the Jon Butler Trio were playing on the tour. So we acquired six empty chicken buckets from KFC and cut holes out for eyes and all the Guster & John Mayer band members ran out and danced like idiots with buckets on our heads during their final drum jam. It was a rush, interrupting their set like that, and a solid send-off. What I didn’t expect was the crowd to go wild when we went out there. But they did. I imagine it’s just an innate human reaction to seeing people with chicken buckets on their heads. Dancing like jackasses. Pasty has it all on digital video but we don’t have the program that would allow us to post it yet — we’ll get it up on the site eventually.

Considering the only other time we played Memphis was a festival gig with Foreigner a few years ago (and all of us reviewed their performance here in the road journal)… the crowd was unreal tonight. Actually physically dancing to our songs. I felt like I was in Maceo Parker’s band — no, I felt like I was Maceo Parker out there tonight. Memphis had their groove on.

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