09.12.02 – Charlotte, NC & Greenville, SC

We played two college shows this week — Davidson in Charlotte NC and Furman in Greenville SC. Playing colleges is always exciting because there’s an outside chance you’ll *actually* receive some of the more ridiculous things you ask for in your rider. Like the Green Machine.

Anyway, I thought the Greenville show was the better of the two, but at least both college shows involved typos for us to make fun of:

Exhibit A, above left: The Davidson school paper wrote a preview of the show, correctly mentioning Charlie Hunter and Guster as the openers for John Mayer, but unable to identify which band Charlie Hunter played in. The caption beneath his photo should have read: Charlie Hunter, of Charlie Hunter. Not Charlie Hunter, of Guster.

Exhibit B, above right: The back of a bootleg t-shirt from the parking lot of the Furman show, where John Mayer’s face looms atop his featured openers: Gusher and Charlie Hunter. Silly t-shirt bootlegger, it’s Guster not Gusher!!

More miscues: Tonight’s show in Birmingham was a big deal because John was shooting a DVD. Huge camera crew, flying cranes, etc… and the truck with the band’s gear on it drove to New Orleans by accident. The absolute worst day for the truck with the band’s gear on it to accidentally drive to the next gig. I guess the page with the Sept 12th show on it was missing from the driver’s tour book. Anyway, he got the gear to Alabama by 4pm but since it was supposed to be there at 8am, all of Mayer’s crew were on edge. We Gusters gladly forfeited our soundcheck and watched as everyone set up the event in under three hours. Impressive. Meanwhile, our crew got to take naps all day, and Rob our sound engineer got to watch the weather channel all day. You love watching the weather channel, Rob!

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