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12.05.02 – Boston, MA

larry’s not like the rest of us. earlier tonight he put a ratt cd on in the lounge of the bus and then started telling me that he’d been shot with a gun before. showing off my suburbanity, i think i asked “did it hurt?” then i went into the other bus lounge, where ratt wasn’t playing.

abbey road was playing.

i lost a shitload of blood tonight out of my left hand. my drums were drenched in it. fortunately there was a little lipstick camera mounted above my hand snare capturing the situation and if we ever use the footage in a DVD we can include the bit where i lick my palm frantically and wipe the blood off my snare during happier.

larry played slide whistle with us tonight:

otherwise, we recycled our old price-is-right-band-in-the-crowd-come-on-down gag tonight. boston is one place where we feel pressure to enter the stage unconventionally every show. send ideas.

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