03.22.03 – Living on a bus again

I am living on a bus again which means it’s time to keep a journal again. I feel a bit more self-conscious than normal this time, having spent some of the off-season choosing which entries to include in the forthcoming Best Of The Road Journal book …I think the journal may have peaked somewhere in middle of 2000 when Sean chased a frisbee into a swamp. Every life experience since seems insignificant. But I intend to carry on, with my prime behind me, hoping that if I lower your expectations just enough I might maintain enough of an audience to feed my starving ego. I have a book! I have a book! I wrote a hit play and directed it, what did you ever do!?

When the Gusters regroup after time away from each other, we tell stories about what we did in our time off. It’s cute. We are cute. This is what happened to Adam one night:

Adam was drinking heavily at a bar in Manhattan. Some theater opening or something let out nearby, and the bar was suddenly infused with a bunch of celebrities. Among them Adam spies Ione Skye, the star of Say Anything and Fa Fa (our one music video) and approaches her eagerly…

Adam (drunk): Hey, you were in our video!
Ione Skye: Umm, no…
Adam (drunk): No no, it was you… I play with Guster… (to fiance, Lauren) Hey look honey, it’s Ione Skye!
Ione Skye: Umm, I think you may be confused…
Adam (drunk): You remember! Steven Hanft directed it…
Lauren: Adam…
Adam (drunk): We were at that roller skating rink in Los Feliz and you were wearing a red wig…
Lauren: ADAM…
Adam (drunk): Guster… G-U-S-T-E-R…
Lauren: Adam that’s not Ione Skye, that’s Parker Posey.

And Lauren was right. It was Parker Posey. I can’t remember what Adam said he did. It involved turning around, feeling stupid, and feeling stupid. We have our first show of the tour tomorrow. Good luck to us.

Parker Posey

Ione Skye

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