04.03.03 – Portland, OR

If you look carefully at the picture on the right you’ll notice that there’s a face on Adam’s t-shirt. We’ll call this face “Curtis.” Curtis is someone who lives in the Portland area and did a favor for

Adam once. That sounds a lot sketchier than it needs to, but the details are insignificant. The important thing is that Adam devised a plan whereby he’d thank Curtis by creating and wearing a t-shirt with his face on it at the Crystal Ballroom show. Adam actually convinced

Curtis that for his guest list pass we’d need a close-up photo of his face (standard security procedure for Guster shows)… Curtis came through and Adam learned how to use Photoshop, isolated his head, burned the file to a disc, and created a t-shirt at Kinko’s.

This is why Adam was wearing his Face of Curtis shirt in Portland last night. And if you want to know why Adam will continue to wear Face of Curtis throughout this tour, it’s because Curtis didn’t even show up at the concert, and because t-shirts are generally valuable commodities that you wear when you have them.

After going to such lengths for a joke that yielded no fruit, Adam poured hot water in one nostril and let it leak out the other into the sink on the bus.

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