04.07.03 – San Francisco

Someone was kind enough to give Guster two days in the Bay area on this tour. We spent Friday out in Sausalito visiting the studio where we recorded Lost & Gone Forever in 1999. Anticipating our arrival, a couple of the studio staff members showed up in their Guster shirts, the same ones we’d given them the day we left four years ago. I couldn’t help but notice how the shirts had become pilly, the logos flakey and faded, the sleeves tight and shrunken… has anyone else noticed that Guster t-shirts circa ’99 quit on you? Here’s to Guster Inc. profit margins…

We thought it’d be funny to take another photo on the couch in the control room at the studio, as pictured on the back cover of Lost & Gone Forever.

Just like the Beatles on that balcony! Except they all had longer hair the second time around and we pretty much look the same, just four years older. The angle of our photo is a little off too, and someone (me) was sure that Ryan had a computer in his lap on the back of the album. oops.

Saturday at the Warfield in S.F. was easily our best performance so far this tour. I’m getting over a cold, so during soundcheck I kept ending up with chunks of loogie in my mouth, and I kept spitting them into the nearest container — my bottle of water (can’t be swallowing that stuff now, got to get it out of the system). Eventually I got thirsty though, so I had to get another bottle of water for drinking not spitting. But when the water levels in the bottles evened out I started to get nervous about which bottle I’d put where, and I had to examine the contents of each bottle before drinking or spitting. When I almost drank my own phlegm for the fifth time, my brilliant drum technician Sean Lynde walked over to the spit-water and drew a skull on it with his sharpie.

And for the rest of soundcheck, that wasn’t an issue. You’d think I’d
have the decency not to post unflattering images of Sean considering
what an attentive drum tech he is.

On the way out of San Francisco, Michael Stook hit a hawk with his
windshield and had to drive the whole way to Los Angeles with a cracked
front view. But don’t worry. The hawk stuck to the windshield, bled
for a while, and then flew away to be with its family…

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