04.13.03 – St Louis, MO

tonight i finally got fed up with all the special darks clogging up the chocolate bowl on the bus, so i went through it and removed them. every last one of them, even the pastel-colored easter-packaged special darks. they’ll be a gift for the people of st louis. as i was separating them, sean said “hey what are you doing with the special darks… i like special dark” and adam chimed in “me too.” i pretended i didn’t hear them. if they like special darks so much, how come they’re always the last thing left in the bowl? eating up valuable krackel-space. they’ll taint our bus no more with their sophisticated but boring special dark flavor.

six solid color t-shirts: $40.00 roll of duct tape: $2.00 going to the guster concert in style: priceless

and to those of you who’ve written and suggested that i’m cruel to be offering less than flattering images of my cohorts (ryan circa 1995, sean circa half-asleep) in the journal without showing my own weaknesses, i offer this — the less than flattering image to end all less than flattering images:

go ahead, make a screen saver out of it. i don’t care.

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