05.01.03 – Savory

Multiple choice question. My mother, who happens to be Jewish, read the road journal where I walked up to the drive thru window at the Jack In The Box in Houston, and reacted in which of the following ways?:

a) Brian, are you sure Houston is a safe place to be wandering around by yourself after midnight?

b) Brian, you shouldn’t be eating all that meat and mayonnaise, there’s a history of cholesterol and heart disease in the family.


c) Brian, here are some pre-prepared military meals that come in boxes… no refrigeration or microwaving necessary — this way you shouldn’t go hungry on that bus of yours.

The correct answer is c. And today I finally broke into the Turkey with Savory Vegetables in Oswego NY. I couldn’t help it, the box just made it look so damn enticing. Inside the box was a squishy silver pouch. If you want to turn your Turkey with Savory Vegetables into a hot meal, you put the pouch into boiling water for five minutes. But when I get Turkey with Savory Vegetables on the brain, I don’t have that kind of patience… so I oozed it out onto a plate and ate it:

Click here for a picture of what the Turkey with Savory Vegetables looked like when I regurgitated them back onto the plate minutes minutes later.

Just kidding, mom. I didn’t throw up. It was delicious, well-seasoned, and filling. On the cusp of savory.

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  1. Dustin

    This was the Oswego show I played Violin on with you guys, my mom still has the video… PS- im now 30. LOL were old as shit.

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