06.15.03 – Nederland

I walked through the pink door at the end of the alley and I remember the screaming, but I couldn’t see a thing. And whereas my instincts would normally tell me to walk *away* from the screaming and *away* from the pitch black darkness, there is something about being inside a giant inflatable cowboy suit that changes a man. And so I kept going towards the screaming, bumping into walls, concentrating on whatever seemed to make the screaming LOUDER, and doing it some more. I am pretty sure I was in a room full of prostitutes.

Oh, I’m sorry… I was just trying to make the Amsterdam video shoot sound like a tantalizing clip you’d find on the back of a book jacket. The truth is that we have a full week or two of editing ahead of us and the video could end up going in any direction. But this we know:

1. We got to fly to Amsterdam and shoot our video.

2. When we were writing the lyrics to Amsterdam, we needed a three syllable word to put at the end of the chorus that would probably end up being the name of the song, and we reasoned if we could work the word Amsterdam in, the label might let us shoot a video out there.

3. It can’t be worse than Fa Fa! It just can’t!

Here are some tantalizing photos from the last few days:

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