06.28.03 – CBS Too Early Show

This picture of us on the set of the CBS Saturday Early Morning Television Program doesn’t even scratch the surface of the experience. The make-up disguises the bags under the eyes. We need the guys there at 5am. The make-up disguises the room where they do the cooking segment every week. We need the guys there at 5am.

Somewhere in our sleep-deprived haze we ended up playing five seconds of Ramona in an awkward segueway from the news anchor: “Sixty years in prison for the woman that hit the homeless guy and left him to die in her windshield and when we come back we’ll have a guy here who wrote a book about how you can keep your sex life interesting and are the Guster guys ready with a tune?” The lady with the headset on pointed at us, we sang “JUST LIIIIKE…. YOUR FAVORITE SINGER” and then the anchor started talking again. Did that just happen?

We thought it would have been funny if we all had our eyes closed and our heads resting limply on our shoulders when they cut to us for our teasers, but we weren’t sure if CBS would also think it was funny. We played half of the last chorus from Barrel of a Gun, and ten seconds of Happy Together, and a minute of Jesus on the Radio as bumpers to commercials.
Oh no, we forgot to brainstorm answers to The Question on the bus…

Interview in 30 seconds.

Psst… ask us anything, anything at all, just not The Question…

Interview in 5, 4, 3, 2….

It’s coming… I can feel it coming. Oh no.

We’re here with the Boston pop group GUSTER, guys welcome to the program. So tell us, how did you come up with the name Guster?

Good morning, Gordon.

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