06.30.03 – The Burgh

Our show in Pittsburgh turned out to be an all-day festival with two stages and over ten bands. I’d spoken with James from Maroon 5 the night before and mentioned that we should “get everyone with an acoustic guitar on stage for a 15-man acoustical jam version of SIGNS by Tesla.” I was kind of joking, but it actually happened:

Perhaps most surprising is the amount of satisfaction I feel from it. You know, taking a bunch of up-and-coming singer/songwriter MattNathansonAriHestGrahamColtonMarcBroussard types and bringing them on stage with you so you can perform one of the lamest songs ever written together. So much talent, all… wasted! I expected the song to sail right over the heads of the people in the crowd, but I was wrong. People were psyched. People were singing. People were putting their pinkies, thumbs, and index fingers into the air. I got to sing the line from the bridge that goes “You gotta have a shirt and tie to get a seat!” James and Joe played a harmonized acoustic muzak solo together and we all laughed. Only four of the fifteen acoustic guitars were actually plugged in.

In case you’re not familiar with Tesla, or their five-man acoustical jam, you’re really all set. Don’t worry about it.

easy there, bri

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