07.03.03 – Milwaukee, WI – Summerfest

Summerfest is a ten-day music festival they hold in Milwaukee every year. There are like eight stages, with bands going from noon to midnight on most of them. We played it three years ago opening for Ben Harper and were glad to return to play the big amphitheater this year. We feared an Artie Fufkin Spinal Tap moment at our 4pm “signing,” but enough people turned out to make it worthwhile.

Technical difficulties led to a last minute scratch of “Either Way” from the set list. That one’s gonna be on the DL for a while, so we added promising rookie “Come Downstairs & Say Hello” to the line-up even though it’s clearly not ready for a 25,000 seat amphitheater half full of people waiting for local heroes The Bodeans to take over. It went over surprisingly well though, and we seem more confident playing it. The first couple times we all had that “oh shit what comes next” feeling while it went down.

And lucky for me my favorite band was playing one stage over from us after our set. The Guster laminate did the trick and I ended up standing on stage, behind the monitor desk, twenty feet from Jeff Tweedy, watching a legendary band play a brilliant set in their prime. It was one of those shows where at the end of every song you turned to the person next to you, shook your head, and said “holy shit.” Jesus etc. nearly made me cry. I am just proud to also be in a band with the word Jesus in a song title. Go Wilco.

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