07.05.03 – Taste of Detroit

Woke up this morning and the bus was parked in some lot on West Grand Blvd in Detroit. Pasty said our hotel wasn’t within walking distance,but there were a couple of blue port-o-toilets in the parking lot that seemed fresh enough. I took my chance on the Blue Room on the right, having had good luck with Blue Rooms on the right in the past. It was pretty stinky on the inside.

Definitely hadn’t been cleaned since the 4th of July Shit Party last night. I decided to suck it up, do it quickly with my nose inside my shirt, and be done with it. And maybe I was a little woozy from the smell, but I swear I felt the entire Blue Room levitate.

Special thanks to Pasty for capturing the incident on his camera rather than telling the dude with the forklift that I was in there. When I realized what was happening I started banging on the walls and screaming but I guess he couldn’t hear me over the sound of his forklift. I was afraid that we’d hit a bump and The Hole would unearth it’s… bounty.

Okay, I’m making all this up. I wasn’t really inside that port-o-toilet. And I don’t plan on making a habit of lying in the road journal, but I just felt like we needed some action here. The truth is the week in the Midwest has been excellent but relatively routine. For instance, here are some highlights:

CLEVELAND: The local arts weekly ran a preview of our show and said that it’s worth checking out because we won Best Local Independent Live Show in the 1997 Boston Phoenix Music Poll. Someone needs to send Cleveland a copy of our latest bio.

CHICAGO: Only 10% of the crowd passed out from heat exhaustion this time, a step up from the A. Finkl debacle, where we lost a quarter of the crowd to dehydration.

DETROIT: The show hasn’t happened yet, but the band that’s on before us is called “Floetry” and Michael Jordan is their manager. I plan to take pictures.

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