07.16.03 – Seattle WA

We didn’t book a real Seattle show on the summer tour, so we did one of our “in-store” sets at a record shop while passing through town today. These sets are usually about a half hour long, completely acoustic, and involve my head perched atop Ryan’s guitar like a hood ornament (see photo, above).

The thing that separated this in-store from the rest was that the Seattle store gave us a cooler with six cans of Budweiser in it. And so we brought them on stage, bragged about them, held them above our heads, up to our lips, and close to our hearts. Had it been a full case of Bud cans, we might have had a repeat performance of our 1997 show at a Princeton University “Eating Club” (pretentious for “fraternity”), when Ryan drank so much on stage that he couldn’t hold his bladder and peed in a Nantucket Nectar bottle and then held the bottle over his head victoriously. Note the similar expressions:



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