07.17.03 – Portland, OR

I know that by writing a facial-hair-themed entry right now I’m inviting accusations that road journal content is borrowed from the new & improved Guslog. But it’s really just a coincidence. I don’t read the Guslog… I mean, I know some of you guys may check it now and then, and that’s cool… but I’m not into it. It’s just not my kind of thing. Y’know.

So people have been throwing ping pong balls at us during the outro to Airport Song ever since we recorded a ping pong match on the track back in 1997. It’s a fun tradition. Sometimes when mopping up the stage after the show, you discover that there are messages written on the ping pong balls. For instance:

Play “Getting Even”
Let Brian Sing
I will perform {insert sexual favor here} on you if you call {insert bogus phone number that never pans out here} after the show!
Play “Cocoon”

This sort of thing. But today I got a pretty unique message:

It said this:


Ouch. I was just trying to recapture the magic from the back cover of Lost & Gone Forever here. I didn’t want to get Old Testament on anyone. Mainly I’ve been inspired by Tommy, our new truck driver, who told me the other day that he hadn’t seen his chin since 1967.

Brian Rosenworcel, has not seen chin since June, 2003.

Tommy Maron, has not seen chin since June, 1967.

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