07.22.03 – The Tonight Show

I thought the Tonight Show performance went pretty well. We actually watched it that night, something we usually can’t bring ourselves to do. Something me and Ryan can’t usually bring ourselves to do, anyway. Adam has no problem re-living stuff like that.

While watching it back, I was struck mostly by the “set” they chose for us. Is it me, or did it say “ALWAYS COOL — AIR CONDITIONED” in giant letters on the wall behind us? Pasty said they choose a set to try to match the vibe of the artist. Then he grinned. I said “what’s so funny? We’re always cool — air conditioned” and he said nothing… he just grabbed the digital camera and showed me this:

That’s his hand on her shoulder!! No one in the band met her, but Pasty snagged a photo with Angelina Jolie before she got in the Bentley that was waiting to take her to the premier of Tomb Raider. With the help of the zoom feature of photoshop, you can see the actual, physical pain and complete mental anguish involved in this activity for her…

Or, maybe I’ve just spent so much time with the picture that I’m reading things into it now.

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