08.29.03 – Combat Situation

Two weeks have gone by since Radio City and we’re back on the road. I was happy to see that Sean hadn’t wiped off the conga since the NY show, and the blood from the open wound on my left hand had been marinating on the drum while it sat in a road case during our time off.

And because it was the bloodiest show in the history of Guster — my own personal Antietam, if you will, I think it merits a photo:

But here’s to new tours, closed cuts, and …. oh those TWINS! Michael is out driving Dave Matthews (i.e., one of his eight crew buses) for a month, so we have a new bus and a new driver. A new driver named “Sarge” who I expect will be featured very prominently on our website in no time. The new bus has flames on the door:

And apparently the new bus has a name. This is what Sarge said to me after I introduced myself: “The name of the bus is Combat Situation.”

I did the only thing I could do under the circumstances… I politely nodded, I gave the bus a once over, I furrowed my brow, and I said
“Hell yes it is.”

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