09.03.03 – Asheville, NC

Got this picture from a friend who happened to be backstage with a camera at our rooftop show in Portland Maine this summer:

Not only did Ryan take off his pants in front of 5000 people because they couldn’t see his lower half, but he left his ass hanging out for much of the set too. There appears to be a load in his drawers too, but it’s just his remote pack to his in-ear monitors.

Right now we’re in Asheville NC for the first time in six years. Highlights from the last couple of days include:

George Washington University: We put on good shows the day after we take red-eye flights. Jason Mraz opened up, and when we saw him backstage we noticed that he was wearing the same hat and headphones that he’s wearing on his album cover. I guess it’s become like a Tiger Woods / Nike cap thing.

Day off in Asheville: Asheville is a mountain town and we hiked up to a clearing where there’s a nice view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I nearly stepped on a thick triangle-headed rattlesnake that was all coiled up, sleeping next to a tree, waiting for my sandal to wake it up so it could fill my ankle with its death juice. Later, after I ran about a hundred feet away with my heels kicking my ass, Ryan walked up to it and poked it with a stick. He finally stopped when he got its tail to “make the rattling noise” — I guess we’re all products of the Animal Planet era at this point. That Crocodile Hunter guy that kind of looks like Steve Lillywhite has us all believing we’re immortal.

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